Crazy schedule

Crazy shooting schedule right now. In the midst of it all I changed over to a new home range. A lot of good new stuff to write about here in a bit. Ran a local 3 gun with the family yesterday. My 12 yr old is running a local kids event tonight, and pro am is this coming weekend, and we have two shooters in that. Fun times, crazy logistics but still a fun time.

2 thoughts on “Crazy schedule

    • The ammo is coming back into the supply chain, and the prices are coming back down. But, I have been very fortunate in finding available ammo particularly from Freedom Munitions. I had two cases of ammo show up from a source that I had forgotten that I ordered from several months ago too. Practice with the .22LR a fair amount and then to a lesser degree with the full caliber rounds. With two (and now an occasional three) of us running matches and practice sessions ammo is tough.

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