Well, I finally have some time to get things on the site revamped and caught up.  So pardon the dust here as I work through a bunch of stuff.

What you can look for in the immediate future:

  1. An all new look and feel to the site.  I am actually pretty excited about what I have planned here.  I hope you will all like it too.
  2. Catch up.  The H5 crew was actually pretty active over the last several months and there is a lot to update you on from training to 3Gun to Martial Arts.
  3. Video.  I will admit it now, our video production from matches was not as prolific as I would have liked.  But there is some footage and I am will be working through that and will get that up here soon.

I hope that you like the changes that you are coming.  Let me know if you have some suggestions.