Stage 4 Polo 3 Gun June

Well since all the cool kids are doing it, I thought that I would go ahead and post my stage 4 run out here on the “interwebs” and be a bit embarrassed by how slowly I ran this very short stage.   As I was running this stage I knew that a couple of things did not go well but, I really thought that I was moving through it.  That is why I love video as a teaching tool… I found that I was slower than molasses in January.

Let’s take a look.

Learning Points:

  1. Learn to count, planning:  I should not have been surprised by that pistol reload.  I should have reloaded coming out from the barrels.
  2. Turn and Draw — most lackadaisical, no reason to be this slow.
  3. Surprise at hitting the longer range pistol steel in one shot.  Be more confident.  Either launch a quick follow on shot or move on more quickly.
  4. Targets between the barrels…. transition and splits… no reason to be that slow except it seems like I was stuck in first gear throughout the stage.
  5. Large poppers –  Ug, no reason not to go one for one and more quickly.  They were close and they were LARGE.
  6. Move to a spot and shoot…. pick the right spot.  I should have been closer to the table and back maybe 18″ to be in a better position to see the targets and drop the pistol in the box.
  7. The plan was to plus up the shotgun as I moved to the clays… doh.
  8. After about the fourth clay I shifted to second gear put never really cranked up the speed the way I should have.
  9. Moving reload to the plate rack…. slow, slow, slow.

I think that there was probably 10s (or more) that I should have been able to cut from this stage.  I was just slow at everything I did.  I was 24th on this stage… I probably could have been somewhere between 10th to 12th, if I hadn’t been so lackadaisical about it.

Still… I was outside, the weather was cooperating, my family was shooting with me and I was shooting…. Still A GREAT DAY!